Tenbury & Burford
Civic Society
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Tenbury & Burford Civic Society was formed in April 2007.
Chairperson                    Fran Buckingham   
Vice Chairman                 Vacant
Secretary                        Anne Grosvenor
Treasurer                        Anne Williams
Membership Secretaries    Sue & Roger Craddock
Committee Members         Alan Eachus
                                       Peter Ray
Website                           Ian Little
Civic Societies
Civic Societies are voluntary organisations promoting high standards of planning, conservation and regeneration for the benefit of their local community. They also undertake practical projects,including restoring old buildings, improving the quality of public places and finding solutions to traffic problems.
Civic Societies have a formal role as community watchdogs commenting on planning applications for new buildings and developments and guarding against unsympathetic changes to Conservation Areas and historic buildings.
Civic Societies have campaigned successfully on issues such as reusing derelict land, reducing the damage done by heavy lorries and safeguarding the vitality of our towns and villages. 
The Tenbury and Burford Civic Society has been established by a group of residents who have a strong concern for the future of the town.
 We exist to:
  • stimulate interest in the town and its environs
  • champion excellence in development of the built and natural environment promoting the highest standards of planning, architecture, conservation and regeneration
  • secure the preservation, protection and enhancement of buildings or features of historic or public interest
  • encourage development that will ensure the vitality of the town
  • liaise with local authorities and other organisations in pursuit of the Society's objectives